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Hey there, I’m Maria.

This is the part where I’m supposed to say how awesome I am, that I’m the best freelance copywriter or content writer you’ll ever meet, and that without me your business will fail.

I’m not gonna do that because none of that is true. (OK, maybe the being awesome part). If your business has been around for some time now, it means you’re doing something right. And if you’re just beginning your entrepreneurial journey, you have plenty of time to learn that nobody but YOU is responsible for your own success.

Then why I bothered creating this page?

Simple – I want to help you supercharge your revenue.

I do this through persuasive AND honest copywriting that makes readers crave for your product, and ultimately, wave money at you for it.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve always had a hard time talking big – I’m more of the “my work speaks for itself” type of human – so, here’s an article of mine about solving marketing problems ranking #1 on Google:





And outranking Forbes while at it:










Not bad for organic traffic, ey?

I dived into copywriting after switching careers from creative writing, to book translations and teaching languages. Shocking, I know. But as long as writing is paying my bills and making me get up with a smile on my face every morning, I’m a happy gal.

I got my BA in Applied Linguistics in English and German, and my MA in Linguistics, Literature, and Social Studies. You can say I know a thing or two about words and their impact on people. Especially because I spent my whole adult life studying about people and the way they talk in various countries (2 different continents, if I may toot one small horn just a little).

Copywriting is all about persuasive language, they say. I’d add, it’s also about being honest with your audience and promising only what you can deliver. What I can help your business with is creating a strong relationship with your readers by showing them why you are the best solution for their particular needs.

I build (or strengthen) your brand image through clear website copy. I increase your credibility and authority through blog articles specifically tailored around your core offer. And I deepen the relationship with your audience through email copywriting that will make them feel like they’ve hit the jackpot with you.


People will be more than happy to give you their money if you manage to demonstrate your value in a way that shows benefits for them. This is where your messaging takes the wheel. If your words don’t resonate with your audience, then it’s just time and finances flushed down the toilet.  


If you’d like to learn more about how I can help with positioning your message - and bring more dough to your account - click the button below:  

copywriter Maria Petkovska ranks first on Google
copywriter Maria Petkovska outranks Forbes
copywriter and content strategist
"Maria is a fantastic writer. She did a copy for a website of mine. The copy was brilliant. Exactly what my site needed - engaging, fun, and a persuasive copy. The communication was straightforward. 10/10"

Dimitar Talevski

founder of CLICKVISION Digital

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