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My Services

A brand that means business knows the 3 key elements of any successful content marketing strategy:

Website, Blog, and Email 



Stop leaving money on the table and let's get you supercharged.

My Rates

Keep in mind that each project is different and takes different approaches, tactics, and time scope. 


But I sure ain't gonna leave you in the dark, so here are my starting rates that will help you plan your budget.   

Website Copywriting

Your website is usually the first encounter potential clients have with your brand - of course you want it tailored to perfection.


You throw in some jaw-dropping stats on the performance of your product, add a captivating testimonial here and there, you pay special attention to the design – you’re all set.

Why should your customers care, though? Let’s set the record straight once and for all: All people surfing the internet have one and only one goal in mind – to satisfy a specific need or solve a pain point. When they visit your website, it should immediately state the purpose it serves.

I help you communicate your value proposition clearly and efficiently. Your customers will know right from the start what you offer, whom you’re offering to, and why you of all brands are most valuable to them. Being crystal clear connects you with your ideal customers, which in turn, can lead to whopping revenue.    


Blog Posts

You want prospective clients to take action on your website, right? After they have a clear idea of what you do and who for, it’s time to show them a sneak peek at your expertise.


Blog posts are absolutely crucial if you want your brand to be associated with authority, credibility, and trust. Having blog posts on your website does wonders for your search Google ranking too – the more you publish, the bigger the chances to rank high on search engine pages.

Blog posts are THE place where customers get educated before they make any purchasing decision. Everything in them should reflect their desires and needs. When you offer the information they search for, you increase the chances of making a sale just by people reading a blog relevant to their problem or question.   


Email Copywriting

This is where you take the date from the restaurant to your place. Things get personal here – they get intimate. If a prospective client has given you their email address, it means they are ready to take the relationship with you to the next level. Powerful email copywriting is what stands between strengthening that relationship and turning it into a disappointing fallout.

I help you remind your customers why they chose you in the first place. Your copy will be casual, friendly, and straightforward because I speak human – the #1 reason why readers convert into customers.


Let’s make them feel important – because they are.

        Web Copy


        4-page site starts at $800

        (includes Home, Services, About, Contact) 


       * Landing and Sales pages are charged separately

        Blog Posts


        Single blog post: 300-800 words - $250

                                    1000-2000 words - $450 


        A package of 4 blog posts/month:

                                    300-800 words - $800

                                    1000-2000 words - $1500 



        Email copy


        Standalone email - $100

        Packages (usually 3-8 per flow) start at $500 


        * The price varies depending on the type of email (flow, campaign, weekly newsletter, etc) as well as on the industry.




Let's make you money!

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